Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 12.08.49 PM

  • Marta Korzun (Ukraine) 
  • Oxana Bazaeva (Russia) 

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 12.11.38 PM

  • Nathalie (USA) 
  • Matias Hazrum (Argentina) 

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 12.17.59 PM

  • Omaris (USA) 
  • Mayra Huzid (Argentina) 

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 12.28.52 PM

  • Ruby Beh (USA) 
  • Daniska (Puerto Rico)

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 3.36.22 PM

  • Shessenia Mortada (Argentina)
  • Matias Bahamonde (Argentina)

2015 MBC Guest Artists

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 11.56.56 AM

  • Victoria Teel (USA) 
  • Alisha Lee (Korea) 
  • Shayna Lee (USA) 

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 11.59.40 AM

  • Ekaterina (Russia) 
  • Jennifer (USA) 
  • Rosa Vazquez (Peru) 

Fashion Shows Presented by Special Guest Designers:

BellyStars costumes (Brazil)

Belly Stars Costumes (Brazil)

Polina Dance (Russia)

Polina Dance (Russia)


  1. I am so excited about the upcoming 2012 MBC!
    Looks like a great line-up of instructors & classes so far!
    Will you please add Ansuya to your wonderful panel of teachers?
    Thank-you! I can’t wait for Labor Day Weekend!
    Kareena bo beena

  2. I am very excited to be going this year to experience something great. Plus i thought it would be a great way to get back to something i love Bellydancing 🙂

  3. Looking forward to renew my devotion to bellydance. To learn, enjoy and have lot of fun with all the great Instructors. Thanks Nathalie !!! Your show will be Successful as Always !!! See you Sooooon !

  4. Dr Pete says:

    Karim said his soloing class would be appropriate for drummers too!

  5. Lori Hertz says:

    Just to be in the same room as Sade, I am so excited ad honored.

  6. Looking forward to photographing the 5th MBC. It is an inspiration to be able to photograph dancers from all over the world, their different styles, looks and energy. See you soon!

  7. Patricia Costa says:

    Do you have an offer for someone to take 4 or 5 workshops?

  8. Shariana Perez says:

    I am a little disappointed that the 2014 mbc will be held again at the intercontinental hotel as I am a parent. This hotel is not really a family hotel as they do not have a kiddie pool. Restaurants, the beach and activities are too far. Would love to attend but I was looking forward to having a nice “party like” vacation at the same time, instead of being shut away bored in a room, the mall that is nearby is not good at all either. Staying in another hotel cant be an option for me as I take taxis when I go and would be too expensive.

    • Nathalie Zarate says:

      So sad you feel this way but the Intercontinental has being remodeled and now has a restaurant by the pool area that is fantastic!! I actually experienced it myself 🙂 Also BAYSIDE is right next to it, it has amazing activities for tourist and local guests. Like music, shops, and tons of restaurants. As far as the family environment the Intercontinental provides an amazing environment for everyone to enjoy, we are looking into adding kids activities at the MBC for all moms taking classes and participating! We hope to see you at the MBC this year 🙂 Have a lovely day.

  9. PJ Reynolds says:


    As a local Belly Dance enthusiast and percussionist studying middle eastern finger drumming technique, I just want to thank you for promoting this ancient art to everyone you touch, especially here in South Florida. You are an inspiration!

    • que pena não me ficar em caminho , mas está concerteza no caminho dos meus sonhos, e como o mundo pula e avança sempre que um Homem sonle…Hahena

  10. Ana Brenes says:

    HI!!!! It would be my first time in MBDC!!! Please im looking for someone who needs a parter in the room!!! I’ve beeing tryning to book in the hotel but it doesn’t allow me on line!!! Please let me know if someone needs a roommate! I’ll be arriving on the 19th and check out on the 20th!



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