4th of July SALE!

If you are dying to attend the Miami Bellydance Convention and the Bellydance Evolution show in Miami Keep reading below.

Time is fast approching and belly dancers from all over the world are getting ready to attend this one of a kind event.

The MBC is coming full out this year, and to do things BIG we knew that bringing Belly Dance Evolution Theater Production by world renown master performer and choreographer Jillina was going to be IT!!

So if you haven’t reserved your ticket for the Belly dance Evolution show or the MBC 2013 yet, than this is your opportunity to do so! The SALE STARTS NOW!!!



  • PURCHASE A 2013 MBC VIP PASS: $297.00  / $407.00 VALUE
  • Belly Dance Evolution show tickets featuring Jillina: Buy One get Second 25% OFF.
  • Miami Belly Dance Convention Gala Show Tickets Featuring Saida & Yamil from Argentina: Buy ONE get Second 25% OFF
  • Belly Dance Finals Competition & Show ticket to a Live Egyptian Band: Buy ONE get Second 25% OFF

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  1. Kira LaFave says:

    Hello. I am strongly considering attending this event. I love Jillina and would really love to see her new endeavor after the BDSS.
    I see the July 4th price sale for the VIP pass.
    With regard to the deals on the show tickets, I will be coming alone, so I will not have need to buy two tickets. If there any other arrangement we can come up with?
    For someone like me, an event like this becomes very expensive as I also have to get a flight AND a hotel so I have a lot to take into consideration as I decide if this event is even financially feasible. I know it will be great but it will also be very expensive for me to attend. Sigh….
    Thank you for your time,

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