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Save the Date: August 23rd-26th 2018!



Please NOTE: The Miami Bellydance Convention is committed  to the joy of all participants while attending our dance classes and gala shows. Your participation in our festival is highly valuable and appreciated. While we try everything in our power  to stay within the time schedule of the festival, we cannot anticipate last minute emergencies with instructors traveling from out of town. Please understand that we want all the participants to learn from the BEST and we will make sure everything runs as planned on our schedule below. However, The Festival Committee reserves the right to make adjustments in the schedule, restrict the number of entries in any class, or to combine classes for adjudication to accommodate instructors and participants.


Costs and Registrations

Please Note: All classes & times are subject to change  We  are having 4 days of instruction, 3 gala shows, vendors, exhibits, after parties, fashion shows, and the only competition to a live orchestra with amazing judges and prizes!

For further information in cost please refer to the Package info section. To see our instructors bio and description, please refer to our instructors page . For any other comments or questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Note: If you are traveling from out of state to join our convention and it is your first time in Miami, here are some links that might help you get to the hotel faster: Miami Transit