Arish Lam

Arish Lam

Arish Lam (Puerto Rico)

Arish Lam was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He began his journey into the world of oriental dance in 1998 with Leyla Zahar. Considered a Master Teacher, he has studied with some of the best instructors in the field, and he keeps taking as many seminars as he can. Some of his teachers have been Amir Thaleb, Dr. Mo, Mohamed El sahed, Mohamed Shain, Fathiem, Angelika Nemeth, Aziza, Leyla Hadad, Jasmina Ramzy,  Unmata, Ava Fleming, Ariellah, among others.  Arish Lam is the recipient of various awards. In 1999 he won the Belly Dancer of the Year Competition, in California, in the male category. The following year, he won the same contest with his troupe. In 2000, he won the first prize of the contest Ms. And Mr. America Bellydancer in San Francisco. In 2005 he won the second prize at the event Bellyfusion, in Las Vegas. He has also trained dancers who have won many prizes, most recently Valerick Molinary, who won first prize at the Pro Competition of the Miami Bellydance Convention, in 2009.

He has performed and served as judge in various competitions in the USA, Europe, and Asia. For years, Arish Lam has used his creativity and art concentrating in tribal fusion with Latin music; he is known to be exhilarating and contagious wherever he performs. An actor and performer, Arish Lam is the President of the Temple of Dance School in Puerto Rico, and Director and Choreographer of the one and only Mirácula troupe. He is a favorite at Spirit of the Tribes and Mediterranean Echoes, where he always captivates the audience with the power of his movements and spell bounding presence.


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