Mayra Huzid

Mayra Huzid

Mayra Huzid (Argentina)

Mayra Huzid is considered one of Latin America´s Stars of Belly dance.
She graduated from Bellydance Superstar´s Saida academy in Buenos Aires
and actually is teaching and performing extensively. Was a member of Saida’s ballet, Rakkasah.
Mayra has a passionate and creative style. Is a great teacher who travels to various countries of the world presenting her art and teaching quality.
In addition to love dance, performed extensive research on their roots, customs and origins, for future trials and dossiers which thousands of students use in all around the world.
She improved her art with the great master and the father of BellyDance Mahmoud Reda. Who has said -“What is happening with Mayra in differents countries is great. Schools want her presence because they know how she is as a teacher. It’s amazing what her knows about dance and history. Is the next generation of teachers who come to reign.”- Who has  gives her the name of “The Queen of Samai”.
 She´s the director of the Bellydance School “Mayra Huzid” with venues in Buenos Aires and Bogotá. Both with significant success. Mayra Huzid’s BellyDance School based in Buenos Aires, has become a promoter of excellent dancers, and a meeting point of professionals from Argentina and abroad, who come to school looking for their improvement.
Since 2005 she is director of the information content of the magazine Infoarabe Belly dance Magazine.
And she made countless workshops and performances in different countries like Colombia, Venezuela, Panamá, Canada, United States, Mexico and Uruguay and an also a very frequent workshops in different cities in Argentina performing and improving her art constantly. She has performed in Bozenka’s school too.
In 2009 and 2010 she participated in the Bellydance weekend festival produced by Infoarabe Magazine Belly dance, one of the most important events of Latin America and also performed her Bellydancing tour in the United States called “Live in New York”. On her tour Live in New York, has received an acknowledgment to her career.
She aims now visiting South Korea, and Poland.
 After 13 years of experience, his work is highlighted by students and colleagues around the world.


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