Opening Party for the 2012 MBC

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all doing Fantastic, we are working and planning none stop for the 2012 Miami Bellydance convention! We are celebrating 5 years of quality belly dance workshops, instructors, performers, competition, vendors, musicians, and SERVICE!  We are so excited for all the things coming for the 2012  Biggest Belly dance Festival of the East Coast! Of course there are 5 days to celebrate, and next year the 2012 Miami Bellydance convention is ALL ABOUT PARTYING!!!!!!! 🙂

We are opening the Thursday Night event with a real Middle Eastern Hafla and celebration! Therefore we want to hear your suggestions, so that we can make this opening party the BEST for everyone!! Keep in mind that we want to start the event with a celebration so if you are a Miami resident, tell us where would you like to have the opening party for the 2012 MBC… Would you rather prefer a restaurant or a club? How about both? Anything that crosses your mind write it below and will be see what the majority is voting for 🙂

I will share my ideas once you tell me yours! Let’s interact, tell me and let’s make it happen 🙂

See you all in 2012!!



  1. Ileana Altman says:

    My idea, for the opening event Halfa, a restaurant. Then people from out-of-town will be able to taste the culture’s food. Maybe, a special menu made for that occasion. It should have our local musicians. Many girls which have never been exposed to live music (just c.d.). They will be able to see the instruments and speak to the musicians.


    A Fashion Contest “yes rules”. Pro-Designers and Amateur Designers.

    Judged on – Color coordination
    How dancer friendly it is
    How well it was sewn
    How well the beading was put on
    How Original does it look
    Audience participation of the votes and judges “well known, honest, teachers, professionals”. Add men to the judging – let us give them a voice too.

    entry must have – headpiece that coordinates with the outfit.

    I hope you like my ideas!!!!

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